Coronavirus pandemic: what the Federal and Länder Governments have agreed

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Current regulations Coronavirus pandemic: what the Federal and Länder Governments have agreed

Even though the number of new infections has dropped slightly in recent days, the pandemic situation remains very serious. In other countries, the new Omicron variant has been seen to double infection rates within a few days. The Federal and Länder Governments have now responded and have agreed to impose further restrictions. The current rules at a glance.

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Graphic is entitled “Further contact restrictions”. (Weitere Beschreibung unterhalb des Bildes ausklappbar als "ausführliche Beschreibung")

Combating Omicron together: These measures have been adopted by the Federal and Länder Governments.

Graphic is entitled “Further contact restrictions”. Underneath it says: The Federal and Länder Governments have agreed that the following rules are to be imposed from 28 December: Private gatherings (indoors and outdoors) – vaccinated and recovered persons only: max. 10 people*. With unvaccinated persons present: own household plus max. 2 persons from another household*. 2G (vaccinated/recovered) or 2G+ (vaccinated/recovered + test) continues to apply to leisure and sporting facilities and shops. Shops selling groceries and convenience goods are exempt from this rule. Clubs and discos will be closed, dance events are prohibited. Large-scale events are to be held without spectators. * Children up to the age of 14 are exempt from this rule. Last revised: 21 December 2021

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  • On 21 December 2021 the Federal and Länder Governments agreed to update the coronavirus rules. These are regarded as minimum, generally applicable standards. Federal states that are particularly hard hit can impose more rigorous restrictions. 
  • From 28 December 2021 onwards, restrictions on private contacts will also apply to vaccinated and recovered persons. Gatherings are still allowed with a maximum of ten people.
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask wherever gatherings occur in a confined space. Distancing and access rules continue to apply as appropriate to the pandemic situation, as do hygiene concepts. In schools, masks are compulsory at all grade levels.
  • 2G (vaccinated/recovered) or 3G (vaccinated/recovered/tested) applies in many instances in order to curb the spread of the virus.
  • Due to the current pandemic situation, the Bundestag has adopted amendments to the Infection Protection Act. Among other things, employees who work at hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions must provide proof of being vaccinated or having recovered from COVID-19 by 15 March 2022. 

Regulations affecting specific areas:

See here PDF, 122 KB, nicht barrierefrei for the original wording of the Federation-Länder decision of 21 December 2021.
The Länder are responsible for implementing the Federation-Länder decision.