Why should I go to the polls? 

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2024 European elections Why should I go to the polls? 

Things that are regulated at the European level have an impact on people’s everyday lives in many ways: the safety standards of our food products are the highest in the world. We can choose to live, study or work in Finland or Malta, for example. If our phone turns out to be faulty after just a year, it has to be fixed or replaced free of charge. No matter where in the EU we bought it. If a flight is cancelled, we get a refund. All of this is regulated at EU level. This means that anyone who wants to have a say in the way we live together in Europe should go to the polls.

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All Germans aged 16 and over can elect the European Parliament on 9 June 2024. The more people take part in the election, the better the EU parliamentarians will be able to reflect the wishes of all EU citizens. Every vote helps to determine what the future of democracy in the European Union will look like.

Direct vote by EU citizens

The European Parliament is the world’s only alliance comprising multiple states that is elected directly. By casting their votes, EU citizens can decide directly who should represent their interests in the EU Parliament over the next five years. The elected parliamentarians make their political decisions based mostly on the direction of the party which they represent rather than the country they come from. Anyone casting their vote at the European elections can contribute to their own ideas being realised at the European level. 

Active involvement in personal rights

Many aspects of everyday life can be traced back to an EU regulation. The European Union determines, for example, the information that must be printed on food packaging, the rights that apply to online shopping or when trains or planes are delayed. Furthermore, everyone is free to live, study and work anywhere in the EU. Every vote decides what our life here in Europe will look like. 

Tackling major problems together  

The European Parliament also addresses the big issues concerning the future. And this is a good thing, as individual countries could make far less of a difference when it comes to global challenges such as migration, climate change and fighting terrorism. The representatives of the European citizens collaborate based on their motto “Together we are strong” in order to tackle problems that don’t stop at national borders. Every person that votes at the European Elections helps decide how these challenges can be overcome.

Democracy comes from the people

Being able to influence political decisions and the future is not something that should be taken for granted, but is the result of a joint effort. It is thanks to democracy that citizens are involved in shaping the future – the future of Europe and also the future of their own everyday lives. So please remember: the more people go to the polls on 9 June, the stronger our democracy will be.

Set up a reminder now! 
The European Elections are held on 9 June. Anyone who wants to make sure they don’t forget to help strengthen democracy can set up an email reminder.