Conference on the Future of Europe

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Contribute your ideas Conference on the Future of Europe

What do we want Europe to be like in the future? This is the central issue at the Conference on the Future of Europe. Citizens are invited to participate in a Europe-wide dialogue process which was officially launched on 9 May. A multilingual digital platform is already available online. You can get involved, too, by contributing your ideas and visions or even by organising your own events.

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A woman stands in her garden, a summer house in the background.

From climate change to Europe’s role in the world: the conference focuses on a wide range of issues relating to the future of Europe.

Foto: pixdeluxe/Getty Images

The Conference on the Future of Europe provides a unique opportunity for the people of Europe to share their ideas and aspirations for Europe. Anyone interested can join in discussions at EU-wide events, debates and citizens’ forums as well as on an interactive multilingual platform. The topics are diverse, ranging from the coronavirus crisis and climate change to digitalisation and Europe’s role in the world. Young people in particular are invited to get involved, as well as public authorities and society at large.

Would you like to join in the discussion? Click here to access the digital platform .

This interactive, multilingual platform is the focal point of the conference. Here you can express your views on Europe, find out what other people are saying and comment on their posts. You can also find out about events near you or even organise your own debate. The platform allows you to follow the development and outcomes of the conference, and you can also engage in discussion on social media under the hashtags #DieZukunftGehörtDir and #TheFutureIsYours

The Conference on the Future of Europe was officially launched on 9 May. A formal event involving the heads of the three EU institutions was held in the plenary hall of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Did you miss the festivities? If so, you can still view the event at the European Parliament  website.

The Federal Government will also be organising events to contribute to this dialogue process. Ministers, secretaries of state and the Federal Chancellor will be seeking to engage in discussion with citizens on the key future issues being explored at the conference.

The final results of the conference will be compiled in a report to be submitted to the Council of the European Union, the EU Commission and the European Parliament. They will promptly consider how to ensure the report is followed up on effectively.

Would you like to find out more? The European Union website offers questions and answers about the conference .