Frequently asked questions

Where can I find technical help for the Corona-Warn-App?
Answers from the developers (including SAP) to the most common technical questions about the Corona-Warn-App can be found in this FAQ and Blog or  call Freephone +49 800 754 000 1. The line is open Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 22:00 (except for public holidays).

Why do we need a Corona-Warn-App?

What does the Corona-Warn-App do?

How does the Corona-Warn-App work?

Am I obliged to use the Corona-Warn-App?

Why should I use the Corona-Warn-App?

Who is behind the Corona-Warn-App?

What are the minimum device requirements?

What has improved with the updates?

Which criteria are used to assess potential exposures, and what are the different recommendations for action?

When does the Corona-Warn-App actually warn users?

How does using the Corona-Warn-App affect the battery life and storage space of smartphones?

Why do we need a central server for a distributed solution? Isn’t that a contradiction?

How are data security and data protection ensured for the Corona-Warn-App?

What personal data does the Corona-Warn-App store?

Can the Corona-Warn-App also be downloaded internationally and used on a cross-border basis? How do you ensure the interoperability of the Corona-Warn-App in Europe?

Will my salary/wages continue to be paid if I stay at home because of a warning by the app?

Is the "increased risk" warning by the Corona-Warn-App enough for sick leave or ordering quarantine?

The glossary PDF, 112 KB, accessible provides explanations for all the terms used in the Corona-Warn-App.

Do you have any questions about using the app or how it works? Please get in touch with us.

For information in further foreign languages please see the website of the Federal Government Commissioner for Integration.