We want freedom and peace for Ukraine

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Scholz meets with the US President We want freedom and peace for Ukraine

Federal Chancellor Scholz travelled to Washington, D.C. for talks with US President Biden. Transatlantic coordination, the Federal Chancellor said, was indispensable and stronger than ever, adding that the USA and Germany are unwavering in their support for Ukraine.

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Federal Chancellor Scholz and US President Biden shake hands in the Oval Office

Meeting in the Oval Office: Federal Chancellor Scholz and US President Biden.

Foto: Federal Government/Kugler

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz travelled to Washington, D.C. for talks with US President Joe Biden at the White House. The talks focused on the situation in Ukraine. The USA and Germany are among the most important supporters of Ukraine's efforts to counter the Russian offensive. 

Founded on trust

Scholz stressed the fact that: "Transatlantic relations are better than they have been for many years, particularly between Germany and the USA." This, he said, was important "at this time when we are facing the challenge of Russia's appalling offensive against Ukraine." The further development of transatlantic relations, he added, would also be important in the long term: "This is based on trust, on talking and discussing with each other again and again – and that is exactly what we're doing," the Federal Chancellor said.

Unwavering support for Ukraine 

Scholz thanked the US President for his leadership and friendship: "Our transatlantic coordination is indispensable and stronger than ever. We are unwavering in our support for Ukraine. We want freedom and peace for Ukraine."

Statement by Federal Chancellor Scholz on 3 March 2023 prior to talks with US President Biden (verbatim transcript):
Thank you for having me here again. I really appreciate being back in the White House. And, let me just say this: it’s a very, very important year because of the very dangerous threat to peace that comes from Russia invading Ukraine. And, it’s really important that we acted together, that we organised our lockstep, and that we made it feasible that we can give the necessary support to Ukraine during all this time. And, at this time, I think it is very important that we give the message that we will continue to do so as long as it takes and as long as it is necessary, and that we are ready also for staying with the Ukrainians as long as it is necessary. And, I really appreciate the very good cooperation between the two of us, our governments, and the United States and Germany and Europe. And, the transatlantic partnership is really in very good shape today, and this is very much thanks to your leadership. So, I’m really happy to be here and to talk with you.