Corona-Warn-App to go into hibernation mode

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Version 3.2 of the Corona-Warn-App Corona-Warn-App to go into hibernation mode

The Corona-Warn-App was downloaded more than 48 million times. This makes it one of the most successful and most widely used contact tracing apps in the world. Version 3.2 of the app will put it into hibernation mode from 1 June 2023. Read on to find out which functions will remain available and what are your options for handling your data. 

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The home page of the Corona-Warn-App on a smartphone screen.

After almost 3 years, the Corona-Warn-App is going into hibernation mode.

Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Stefan Jaitner

Hibernation mode from 1 June 2023

The Corona-Warn-App is going into hibernation mode on 1 June 2023. The option to use the Corona-Warn-App to warn others will remain available until and including 30 April 2023. Until this date it will also be possible to generate new QR codes for events. 

The reasons why the app is to go into hibernation mode include increased levels of immunity in the population, the stable infection situation and the goal to resume public life without any measures related to COVID-19. It is therefore not necessary at this point to trace contacts using an app.

These functions will remain available

The so-called hibernation mode does not mean that the Corona-Warn-App will be automatically deleted from the users’ devices. Vaccination certificates can still be used, if needed. Personal notes made using the diary function will also be preserved.

However, the app will no longer be available from the Apple or Google app stores from 1 June 2023. Users who wish to delete the app should make sure to save their vaccination certificates and diary entries. Instructions for iPhones and Android devices can be found here.

Versatile helper during the pandemic

The Corona-Warn-App may be going into hibernation mode for now, but its track record remains impressive. According to estimates, the app had at least 25 million active users in the past year alone, while 270 laboratories and 20,000 test centres were connected to the app in the peak phases of the pandemic. This allowed for more than 240 million test results to be provided digitally. Nine million positive test results were shared in total. 

Investigations showed that the Corona-Warn-App was a versatile helper during the pandemic. It helped to detect infections early on and to break infection chains. Additional functions, such as the contact diary and the integration of vaccination and testing certificates, made everyday life easier. 

A Corona-Warn-App website will be available also in the future. New articles will be added to the science blog, for example.