German police provides support in Moldova

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New EU mission in south-eastern Europe German police provides support in Moldova

The Federal Government sends 15 federal and state police officers to Moldova as part of a civilian EU advisory mission. This was approved by the Federal Cabinet. The country in south-eastern Europe is an immediate neighbour of Ukraine.

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Police shirt with the slogan “Police”

Support in a challenging time: officers from Germany offer advice in Moldova.

Photo: imago/ecomedia/robert fishman

In view of Russia’s offensive against Ukraine in violation of international law, Moldova seeks to ensure national security with German and European support. Russia is trying time and time again to destabilise the country aiming to compromise its reform-oriented course and further integration with the EU. The Republic of Moldova has been an EU accession candidate since June 2022.

Strategic advice

The new EU partnership mission “EUPM Moldova” is a civilian advisory mission and part of the EU’s joint security and defence policy. On Monday, the officers took up their work which includes strategic advice, as well as training measures and equipment aid, if needed.

Further aims of the EU mission are for Moldova to strengthen its capabilities in the fields of crisis management and cyber security and an analysis of hybrid threats. More information about “EUPM Moldova” is available from the Council of the European Union.

Standing side by side with Moldova

The Federal Government has been supporting the Republic of Moldova for many years, for example via the Moldova support platform that was initiated by Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and her French and Romanian counterparts in 2022. The goal is to strengthen the country’s resilience.

Last year, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz decided to grant the Republic of Moldova an untied financial loan worth 50 billion euros, to help the country overcome the great political and financial challenges it is faced with. As a direct neighbour of Ukraine, Moldova has also taken in a particularly large number of refugees.