Overview of summit documents

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Declarations by the heads of state and government Overview of summit documents

At the end of each summit the heads of state and government of the G7/G8 issue a joint declaration regarding the most important outcomes of their meeting. Below is a list of the most important documents since 2008. A final declaration will also be issued following the summit in Schloss Elmau.

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The World Economic Summit in Elmau

The heads of state and government will issue a final declaration at the G7 Summit in Schloss Elmau

Photo: Bundesregierung/Stutterheim

G7 documents

G7 Leaders Statement on Ukraine

G7 Summit in Brussels, Belgium on 4/5 June 2014

G7 statements and declarations issued in the run-up to the summit in Brussels

G8 documents

G8 Summit 2013 in Lough Erne, UK

G8 Summit in Camp David, USA on 18/19 May 2012

G8 Summit in Deauville, France on 26/27 May 2011

G8 Summit in Muskoka, Canada on 25/26 June 2010

G8 Summit in L’Aquila, Italy on 8-10 July 2009:

G8 Summit in Tokayo, Japan on 7-9 July 2008

G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany on 6-8 June 2007