A lot has been achieved, but we have not yet reached our objective

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Progress report on Afghanistan A lot has been achieved, but we have not yet reached our objective

The current progress report draws mixed conclusions about developments in Afghanistan. It is a stocktaking of German and international involvement and describes the current situation in the country. The Federal Cabinet has now approved the report.

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Children in Afghanistan, soldiers in the background

Progress in Afghanistan: Involvement still required

Photo: Bundeswehr / Bienert

With its democratic presidential elections, Afghanistan has taken important steps in its democratic development. The National Unity Government with President Ahmadzai and the new Chief Executive Abdullah can now shape the future of the country.

Economy and security

Eine große Herausforderung für die neue Regierung ist laut Bericht die Wirtschaftslage des Landes. So wächst das Bruttoinlandprodukt deutlich langsamer als in den Vorjahren.

Auch die Sicherheitslage hat sich im Vergleich zum letzten Bericht nicht entscheidend verändert, so der Bericht. Die Bundesregierung ist aber weiter fest überzeugt, dass letztendlich nur ein innerafghanischer Friedens- und Versöhnungsprozess zu dauerhaftem Frieden führen kann.

Germany is still a partner

The international community is continuing to support Afghanistan: Germany's civilian commitment will be maintained at the present high level of up to 430 million euros per year up to 2016. This money will be used to fund various projects: good governance, water and energy provision, healthcare, police reinforcement, promotion of the rule of law, as well as media, education and culture, industry and employment.

Reduced military presence

With the end of the ISAF mission, a new, less military phase begins for Afghanistan. The National Unity Government is founded on a broad basis and can therefore cope with the upcoming decisions on the reform of the country. An important framework for this has already been achieved with the signing of the NATO--North Atlantic Treaty Organization-Afghanistan Status of Forces Agreement. The new government has asked NATO to continue to support the country through a training mission ("Resolute Support"). The Federal Government has agreed that Germany will participate in this training mission from 1 January 2015.

The Federal Government's current progress report covers the period from January to October 2014 and its purpose is to inform the German Bundestag of developments in Afghanistan. This annual report was first produced in 2010 and includes a stocktaking of German involvement in Afghanistan. With the end of the ISAF mandate, the current report will be the last of its kind.