Updated advice on action to take in case of a warning

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Version 2.25 of the Corona-Warn-App Updated advice on action to take in case of a warning

The Corona-Warn-App project team from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Deutsche Telekom and SAP are constantly updating the app’s functionality. Update 2.25 includes revised tips on how to respond to red or green warnings.

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The Corona-Warn-App shows the words “elevated risk” on a smartphone. At-risk contacts

The Corona-Warn-App now shows revised advice for red and green warning notifications.

Photo: picture alliance/photothek

The latest version (2.25) of the Corona-Warn-App includes updated advice on how to behave in situations of low or elevated risk (red or green tiles). The app now takes into account the latest advice and recommendations from the Robert Koch Institute concerning contact restrictions and mask wearing. The app also informs users that the isolation period now usually lasts five days.

Green or red warning – what should I do?

The Corona-Warn-App warns users if they have come into contact with a person who subsequently tested positive in the course of the past ten days. Depending on how close the contact was and how long it lasted, the app assigns the status of the contact as “low risk” (green) or “elevated risk” (red). The Robert Koch Institute regularly updated the rules on how to behave in case of such at-risk contacts, according to the progress of the pandemic.

Update 2.25 of the Corona-Warn-App now shows a green warning that the user should be alert to symptoms of the disease and seek the advice of their family doctor if necessary. A red warning advises users to reduce contact with vulnerable elderly people or those with pre-existing conditions as far as possible. In case of a red warning, users should increase their self-testing. If symptoms appear, they should remain at home and inform their family doctor.