"Germany stands united at this challenging time"

The third relief package "Germany stands united at this challenging time"

The third relief package will reduce the burden on citizens by 65 billion euros. Following the coalition meeting, Federal Chancellor Scholz explained that the aim was to steer the country through this period effectively by providing short-term aid, making structural changes to curb the rise in energy prices, and imposing levies on windfall profits in the electricity market. The planned measures at a glance.

This chart shows important points from the third relief package. (More information available below the photo under ‚detailed description‘.)

The purpose of the measures, said Federal Chancellor Scholz of the resolutions adopted by the coalition committee, was to "get us through these difficult times together".

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Photo: Federal Government

As Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasised at the press conference on the results of the coalition meeting on Sunday, "The scope of the third relief package that we have now put together is greater than the first two combined". In total, the three relief packages amount to a volume of 95 billion euros. "We are mobilising a huge amount of funding,” said Scholz, “which is necessary and is intended to help citizens survive this situation together with us."

"It took some time," said Federal Minister of Finance, Christian Lindner about the planned package, "but I think the result is convincing.” “The third relief package represents a significant response to the crisis,” as Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Robert Habeck explained, “and is based on a crucial principle, namely that the relief will be squarely directed at lower income earners.”

The details of the resolutions adopted are as follows:

Electricity pricing reliefopenMinimise
The imposition of levies on the high windfall profits earned by electricity producersopenMinimise
CO2 tax increase to be postponedopenMinimise
Support for familiesopenMinimise
One-off payment for studentsopenMinimise
Increased housing benefit for a greater number of entitled personsopenMinimise
Short-term second heating cost allowanceopenMinimise
One-off payment for pensionersopenMinimise
Midi job: limit to be increased to 2000 eurosopenMinimise
Extension of short-time work benefitsopenMinimise
Introduction of a citizen's dividendopenMinimise
Reduction of bracket creepopenMinimise
Nationwide ticket for local public transportopenMinimise
Reduced value added tax in eating and drinking establishmentsopenMinimise
National minimum tax rateopenMinimise
Additional financial relief measuresopenMinimise
Aid for businessesopenMinimise
Continuing measuresopenMinimise

All resolutions adopted by the Coalition Committee will be presented to the Cabinet before coming into force and will then pass through the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.