Federal Armed Forces continue to support peace mission in Mali

Questions and answers about Minusma Federal Armed Forces continue to support peace mission in Mali

The soldiers of the Federal Armed Forces are continuing their deployment in the United Nations peace mission Minusma. The Federal Cabinet has decided to extend the mandate until 31 May 2023. The German Bundestag has yet to give its approval. The most important questions and answers about the deployment.

What is the goal of Minusma?

The political stabilisation of Mali and the fight against terrorism in the Sahel region are vitally significant for the security of the international community and for Germany.

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (Minusma) supports the country in securing peace and ensuring democratic conditions in the country.

Minusma contributes to the implementation of the inner-Malian peace agreement, the restoration of statehood and political dialogue.

The mandate is to be extended until 31 May 2023.

Why is the deployment being extended?

The current security situation in Mali and other parts of the Sahel region has deteriorated, despite the involvement of the international community. The threat of terrorism and organised crime not only affects Mali but threatens to destabilise the entire Sahel region. This means that the Federal Armed Forces’ deployment in Mali remains necessary in order to support long-term stability and peace in the Sahel region.

What is the specific contribution of the Federal Armed Forces?

The soldiers of the Federal Armed Forces are particularly involved in reconnaissance, property protection and support forces. To this end, in addition to air transport capabilities for the provision of Malian armed forces, reconnaissance equipment is being provided on the ground and in the air in order to create an overall picture of the situation. The aim is to support the reconstruction of Malian security forces, the protection of human rights and the provision of humanitarian aid.

What influence does the altered situation have?

The continued presence of German soldiers is dependent on the development of political structures and frameworks in Mali, the consequences of the French decision to withdraw, and the additional need for forces on the NATO eastern borders.

The upper limit for personnel is being increased by 300 to 1,400 Federal Armed Forces troops in order to compensate for the capacity previously provided by the French armed forces.

If, during the mandate period, a sufficient level of protection and the operation of Gao airport can no longer be guaranteed, measures will be initiated to adjust the German contribution, up to a possible termination of the deployment.

What is the legal basis for the deployment of troops?

The deployment of German armed forces within MINUSMA is based on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2100 (2013) and its follow-up resolutions.

The German armed forces are acting within and according to the rules of a system of mutual collective security according to Article 24 paragraph 2 of the Basic Law.

Information from the Federal Armed Forces on the deployment (in German).