“Everyone should be able to live off what they earn”

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International Workers’ Day “Everyone should be able to live off what they earn”

At a rally held by the German Trade Union Confederation to mark International Workers’ Day in Düsseldorf on Sunday, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz appealed for solidarity in society in these particularly challenging times. “The Federal Government brought forward one of the most significant plans to promote cohesion in our society: we will raise the minimum wage to 12 euros,” stressed Scholz.

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May Day

Federal Chancellor Scholz stressed: “I am pleased and proud to be delivering this minimum wage.”

Photo: Federal Government/Faßbender

On International Workers’ Day, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke at a rally in Düsseldorf on Sunday, where he appealed for social cohesion and also presented the Federal Government’s key goals: “good wages, good collective agreements and stable pensions”. "We will not set aside any of our plans to bring about a society in this country that is more just and has a greater sense of shared responsibility,” said Federal Chancellor Scholz.

A good future with good wages

“We will implement this change and ensure regular developments for the minimum wage. After all, it is the foundation of what we all need: everyone should be able to live off what they earn, from their hard work.” The Federal Chancellor also cited the basic children’s allowance, the increase to the reduced earning capacity pension and building affordable homes. For Federal Chancellor Scholz and the Federal Government, the direction of travel is clear: “We will continue to go down this road towards a good future with good wages and good collective agreements. That also includes being sure at the end of your working life that there will be a stable pension and that we will have a stable level of pensions in this country.”

Additional support for Ukraine

In his speech on Sunday the Federal Chancellor also made it clear that the Federal Government was resolute in its determination to provide further support for Ukraine. “We will support them so they can defend themselves – by supplying weapons just as many other countries in Europe are doing.” Federal Chancellor Scholz sent an unambiguous message to Vladimir Putin: “I am calling on the Russian president to let the weapons fall silent! Withdraw your troops! Respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence. Let there be no doubt about this: we will not permit violence to be used to move borders and conquer territory.”