Faster procurement process for the Federal Armed Forces

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Simplified process for the award of contracts Faster procurement process for the Federal Armed Forces

Given the current security threat situation, the operational capacity of the Federal Armed Forces must be increased as quickly as possible. A faster and more straightforward contract awarding process is an important building block for this. The approved draft wording for an “Acceleration Act for Procurement Measures for the Federal Armed Forces” is intended to serve this goal. Both the Bundestag and Bundesrat have approved the bill.

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Women soldiers walk through Camp Castor in Gao.

To increase its operational capabilities, the Federal Armed Forces are to be able to award contracts more quickly for a limited period.

Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Kay Nietfeld

A special fund of 100 billion euros has been set aside to comprehensively equip the Federal Armed Forces over the next few years. It will enable reduction of the modernisation backlog and ensure that the Federal Armed Forces have up-to-date equipment.

Faster procurement processes for greater operational capacity

The Federal Armed Forces Procurement Acceleration Act enables contracts to be awarded more easily and rapidly for a limited period and to have these contracts audited.

For example, the law allows deviations from the provisions of the German Anti-Trust Act if justified by economic, technical, or time-related reasons.

It will also be easier to benefit from collaboration programmes with other EU member states: these promote enhanced European collaboration, the strengthening of Europe's defence capacities, and the creation of a common industrial and technological base for European defence.

Paying more attention to security issues

The law permits the exclusion of contracting authorities – such as companies based in states that do not offer the necessary guarantee for safeguarding the security interests of the Federal Republic of Germany – from participating in the procurement procedure. As such, the procurement procedure will take greater account of security interests.