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June 2013 First International German Forum

The First International German Forum was held at the Federal Chancellery on 5 June 2013, under the heading of What matters to people – wellbeing and progress.

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Auftakt der Diskussionsrunde mit der Kanzlerin.

Thema des Forums: "Was Menschen wichtig ist - Lebensqualität und Fortschritt"

Photo: Bundesregierung/Bergmann

The first Forum addressed the question of how the wellbeing of today’s and future generations around the world can be maintained and improved. It centred around such questions as what the public, academia and business world understand by wellbeing and how the endeavour to improve it can be made even more of a focus for political action. The Federal Chancellor also discussed some of the Forum’s issues in the context of the G8. The conclusions of the Forum were used to help draw up a report on wellbeing in Germany that was adopted by the Federal Government in October 2016.