Better Regulation

The Government programme

The programme in brief

The Better Regulation Unit at the Federal Chancellery coordinates and oversees the implementation of the Federal Government’s programme for Bureaucracy Reduction and Better Regulation.

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Better regulation/ The programme in brief

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It supports all Federal Ministries and the State Secretaries Committee on Bureaucracy Reduction and assists the Federal Government Coordinator for Bureaucracy Reduction and Better Regulation. This position is held by the Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor.

The Federal Ministries themselves remain responsible, within the scope of their respective remits, for complying with the rules on better regulation when drafting legislative initiatives and putting forward proposals aimed at reducing red tape.

The Federal Government wants to further free citizens, businesses and administrative bodies from compliance costs. Since 2006, the programme for Bureaucracy Reduction and Better Regulation has permanently cut annual administrative burdens for businesses by 12.3 billion euros. This represents a 25% reduction since 2006.

Recognition of the validity of email invoices saves companies four billion euros a year alone. Applications for child benefit can also be processed faster now; there is no longer a requirement for child-benefit applicants to submit evidence of income in respect of children aged over 18. The Federal level, the Länder and the local authorities are all pulling in the same direction here.

Whenever a legislative proposal is introduced, ministries estimate the compliance costs in advance, which ensures that the legislative actors have all the information they need for their decision-making. The result is transparent and evidence-based law-making and better laws.