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Inaugural visit to Berlin Expanding already good cooperation

Germany and Slovenia enjoy close bilateral relations. After her meeting with the new Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar, Chancellor Angela Merkel reported that both were confident that these relations could be further intensified.

Asylum and refugee policy Improvements for asylum-seekers

The Cabinet has decided to ease laws governing asylum and residence. Existing obstacles to the efforts of asylum-seekers to find employment are to be reduced, for instance. This is the response of the German government to the rising numbers of asylum-seekers arriving in Germany from the crisis-shaken parts of the world.

Information exchange on financial accounts Joining forces to fight tax evasion

The automatic exchange of information on financial accounts around the world is coming. More than fifty countries have committed to this at an international tax conference hosted by Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

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The first 20 volunteers have begun training for their anti-Ebola mission in West Africa at the Luftwaffe's NCO training centre in Appen near Hamburg  (photo taken on Thursday 23.10.14: trainees in protective suits). Bundeswehr

Ebola epidemic German assistance to be more closely coordinated

The German government has met with humanitarian organisations so as to better coordinate measures to tackle Ebola. Assistance must get to where it is most urgently needed as swiftly and effectively as possible, declared Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. more

Chancellor Angela Merkel gives a speech in front of the King Albert I Memorial in Nieuwpoort.

World war remembrance in Belgium Call for peaceful Europe

At the national remembrance celebrations in Belgium, Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of the incredible suffering of the country during the First World War. The Chancellor expressed her respect for the Belgians and thanked them for the friendship they have since built. more

Syrian refugees with their few remaining possessions

Refugee conference in Berlin Assistance for Syrian refugees and host states

In the face of the Syrian refugee crisis, the international community must focus more closely on the situation in the host states. The participants at the Conference on the Syrian Refugee Situation agreed on this point. Germany is to step up its support. more

President Petro Poroshenko gives interviews after casting his vote.

Parliamentary elections in Ukraine Vote for a fresh start

Ukrainians have voted, some of them under difficult conditions, for a fresh pro-European start. Federal government spokesperson Steffen Seibert congratulated Ukrainians on their "clear and courageous vote". more

Haiti's President visits Berlin Further assistance for Haiti

Germany intends to maintain its development engagement in Haiti, Chancellor Angela Merkel assured Haiti’s President Michel Joseph Martelly during his visit to Berlin. At the same time Angela Merkel called for more investment in the private sector, energy supplies and education in Haiti. more

Group of Seven G7 summit to take place on 7 and 8 June 2015

The federal government spokesperson, Steffen Seibert, has announced: more

Exhibition in London Germany seen through the eyes of the British

An exhibition at the British Museum is dedicated to 600 years of German culture and history "seen through they eyes of a friend" said Monika Grütters, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media at the opening of the exhibition in London. more