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Ukraine conflict EU gives Russia more time

The EU member states have agreed on new sanctions on Russia. They will not, however, come into force immediately. "Sanctions are a suitable instrument, but the door remains open for talks with Russia," said Chancellor Angela Merkel in a television interview.

Situation in Iraq International engagement against Islamic State

At the NATO summit in Wales ten states, including Germany, established an alliance against the terrorist Islamic State militia. Angela Merkel explained that the nations had agreed "to stay in contact and discuss further steps with one another".

NATO summit in Wales NATO for political solution in der Ukraine

Within NATO there is broad agreement that there must be a peaceful solution to the Ukraine conflict, reported Chancellor Angela Merkel in the evening of the NATO summit meeting in Wales. On the second day, the 28 heads of state and government of member states considered the lessons that NATO must learn from the conflict.

Chancellor's government statement Support for the Kurds in Iraq

Speaking in the German Bundestag, the Chancellor has explained the decision of the German government to supply weapons to Iraqi Kurds to help them in their fight against the group calling itself Islamic State (IS). "It is not only a question of alleviating the suffering of the people, but of preventing this suffering," she said.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomes Myanmar's President Thein Sein.

President Thein Sein in Berlin German support for Myanmar

Talks between the Chancellor and Myanmar’s President focused on bilateral relations. Closer economic cooperation would require security for investors said Angela Merkel. She assured the President of German support for the country’s process of democratisation. more

Eurofighter in the air

NATO solidarity with the Baltic states German involvement in air policing

From September to December 2014, Germany will once again be part of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) mission in the Baltic region. Up to six Luftwaffe Eurofighters will then police Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian airspace. more

Angela Merkel and the Spanish Prime Minster Mariano Rajoy in Santiago de Compostela

Meeting with Mariano Rajoy Closer cooperation in the euro zone

During her visit to Santiago de Compostela, the Chancellor praised the work of the Spanish government, which has laid the foundations for Spain’s future successful development. Europe, said the Chancellor, must move closer together. more

Employees of GEKA association specialised in the disposal of chemical warfare agents and hazardous military waste) wearing protective overalls demonstrate how a dummy container with potential chemical weapons is taken out of a transport container.

Syria conflict Milestone in the fight against chemical weapons

Destruction of Syrian chemical weapons has been successfully concluded. Residual material has been under way to Munster subject to German escort since Wednesday. A state-owned specialist firm awaits there to completely incinerate these substances. more

Guarantee framework for Ukraine "Both sides must do their bit"

In Kyiv the Chancellor has called for initiatives from both sides to bring about a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine. "No one side can achieve peace alone," she declared in a joint statement to the press with President Petro Poroshenko. She pledged half a billion euros in German loan guarantees. more

Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences Bridge between theory and practice

Federal Chancellor Merkel opened the 5th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. Seventeen winners of the Nobel Prize in economic sciences and 460 young economists from 80 countries met to discuss economic issues. Chancellor Merkel invited the attendees: Speak clearly as scholars. more

Statement issued by the Chancellor German government condemns anti-Semitism

The Chancellor has issued a statement in which she condemns utterly the outbreaks of violence and anti-Semitic rhetoric during demonstrations against the Middle East conflict. Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière confirmed that ‘red lines’ had been crossed. more