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ISIS terror Aid for Iraq

Germany is prepared, in principle, to supply arms and ammunition to the Kurds in northern Iraq, explained Federal Minister of Defence von der Leyen and Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier in Berlin. Which goods can be provided sensibly and responsibly is currently being examined, they added.

Federal Chancellor’s trip to Latvia Solidarity with Baltic partner

During her visit to Riga, Federal Chancellor Merkel assured Latvia of Germany’s support in matters of security. The Baltic States are following tensions with Russia regarding Eastern Ukraine with growing concern.

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Women and children in a bunker.

Conflict in Ukraine Political solution is still possible

Federal Chancellor Merkel is travelling to Kiev on Saturday for talks. The meeting is “another part of the Federal Government’s involvement” in efforts to resolve the conflict, according to Federal Government Spokesperson Seibert. Despite all the setbacks, the Federal Government is still hoping to find a political solution, he said. more

Cambodian Buddhist monk looks at portraits of victims of the Khmer Rouge at Tuol Sleng genocide museum in Phnom Penh on February 2, 2009.

Tribunal in Cambodia Khmer rouge leaders sentenced

35 years after the end of the communist Khmer Rouge regime, the verdicts have been delivered on the two highest ranking representatives of the regime still alive. In Cambodia, the former head of state and Pol Pot’s deputy have been sentenced to life in prison. more

The synagogue in Cologne Foto: Oliver Berg dpa/lnw

Statement issued by the Chancellor German government condemns anti-Semitism

The Chancellor has issued a statement in which she condemns utterly the outbreaks of violence and anti-Semitic rhetoric during demonstrations against the Middle East conflict. Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière confirmed that ‘red lines’ had been crossed. more

20 July - commemorating resistance fighters 70 years after the attempted assassination of Hitler

The German government has commemorated resistance to the National Socialist regime. Seventy years ago Graf von Stauffenberg and his fellow conspirators attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The dictator survived and had the resistance fighters executed. more

Chancellor's Press Conference "A lot has already been achieved"

The reform of the Renewable Energy Sources Act, the minimum wage, the pensions package, an increase in funding for education and infrastructure in Germany – Chancellor Angela Merkel took positive stock of the work of the grand coalition to date. more

European Research Area Open labour market for researchers

Researchers should be able to work anywhere in Europe and share their knowledge and findings. To this end the German Cabinet has adopted a strategy for the European Research Area, making Germany a pioneer in the European Union. more