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  1. Government statement in the German Bundestag"The Eastern Partnership is more important than ever"
  2. G7 business associations at the Federal ChancelleryWorking for high standards worldwide
  3. Petersberg Climate DialogueGermany increases funding for climate action
  4. World Health AssemblyJoining forces to tackle epidemics

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Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks and French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius at a press conference before the 6th Petersberg Climate Dialogue

Petersberg Climate Dialogue Climate change mitigation is our "moral duty"

Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks has called on the international community to step up its efforts in the field of climate action. Climate change mitigation is not a luxury, she said at the start of the 6th Petersberg Climate Dialogue. It is an investment in health and prosperity. more

Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande at the joint press conference at the Federal Chancellery

François Hollande visits Angela Merkel Paris Climate Change Conference must succeed

Germany and France are pulling together on climate policy. Both nations aim to have a binding climate agreement adopted at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, said Angela Merkel during the visit of the French President. They also discussed the implementation of the agreements on Ukraine. more

The frigate Hessen has rescued more people in distress at sea.

Refugee crisis in the Mediterranean Joint mission to save refugees

Chancellor Angela Merkel has pointed to Germany’s humanitarian efforts in the Mediterranean. Germany is doing its bit to rescue refugees in distress at sea, she said. Angela Merkel added that all action against human traffickers must be in line with international law. more

Petro Poroshenko in Berlin Assistance on the road to peace

The German government intends to support Ukraine on its path to economic reform and to help de-escalate the tense military situation in the country, Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged President Petro Poroshenko before their bilateral talks in Berlin. more

President Reuven Rivlin in Berlin 50 years of partnership and friendship

It is now exactly fifty years since Germany and Israel established diplomatic relations. To mark the occasion Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed President Reuven Rivlin to the Federal Chancellery. Later they spoke with young people attending a German-Israeli youth congress in Berlin. more

G7 Youth Summit Young ideas for the G7

Young people from 19 countries have spoken out and advocated enhanced climate change mitigation, social justice and better access to education for girls. The young people were in Berlin for the J7 summit, and presented their ideas for a better future to Chancellor Angela Merkel. more

Antimicrobial resistance New strategy to fight antimicrobial resistance

With improved hygiene, more controls and more research, the German government’s German Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy (DART) aims to stem the spread of resistant pathogens, which are making it increasingly difficult to provide patients with effective treatment. more