Violence and protests in Iran – what is Germany doing?

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Germany’s Basic Law at 75 A celebration of democracy

The Basic Law has governed how we live together in Germany since 23 May 1949. Seventy-five years of freedom, peace and democracy in Germany is an amazing success, but we cannot take it for granted. So let’s celebrate our Basic Law!

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Kanzler kompakt Violence and protests in Iran – what is Germany doing?

We are witnessing what is happening on the streets, in the lecture halls and in the courtrooms of Iran. We are appalled by the images from cities like Tehran, Sanandaj, Isfahan and Shiraz. We are witnessing Iranians fighting for freedom and justice. We are witnessing a government, a member of the United Nations, shooting at its own citizens. This is completely unacceptable. Look closely and act. In the new episode of "Kanzler kompakt", Federal Chancellor Scholz explains how.