"Racism is poison"

The Chancellor on the Hanau shootings "Racism is poison"

Racism and hatred are responsible for far too many crimes, said the Chancellor with a view to the events in the city of Hanau, near Frankfurt am Main. Ten people were shot dead in Hanau late on Wednesday evening. The suspected perpetrator is also dead.

The Chancellor gives a statement.

In a statement on Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the violence committed in Hanau.

Photo: Bundesregierung/Bergmann

"Racism is poison. Hatred is poison. This poison exists in our society and it has already been responsible for far too many crimes," declared Chancellor Angela Merkel. At present many factors point to a right-wing extremist motive for the crimes.

Countering hatred and racism

Angela Merkel strongly condemned the crimes and stressed that the German government and all state institutions stand for the rights and the dignity of every individual in our country. "We stand resolute with all our strength against those who aim to divide Germany."

Deepest sympathy

The Chancellor expressed her sorrow and extended her deepest sympathy to the families of the victims. She wished those injured in the attacks that they recover from the physical and mental consequences of this dreadful experience.

Angela Merkel is being kept informed at all times about the progress of investigations and about the condition of those injured. "Everything will be done to investigate every last detail of these appalling murders," pledged the Chancellor.