Commissions proposals are a good basis

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EU Pact on Migration and Asylum  Commissions proposals are a good basis

The European Commission has presented a New Pact on Migration and Asylum. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer welcomed the proposal and intends to do his bit to achieve a solution. Germany holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union until the end of the year.

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"The proposal made today by the European Commission is a good basis," said Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. "I will begin concrete talks with the EU member states without delay. It is our goal to come to a political understanding on the fundamental principles of EU migration and asylum policy before the end of Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the EU."

Home affairs ministers to consult on 8 October

A mandatory solidarity mechanism in times of crisis, more efficient border and return procedures, more cooperation with third states, more legal migration channels, and rigorous action against traffickers: These are the core elements of the European Commission’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum.

The ministers of home affairs are to meet in a video conference on 8 October for an initial discussion of the Commission’s proposal. Horst Seehofer hopes that a political agreement can be reached in principle at a Council meeting of EU home affairs ministers in December. 

"There is currently no properly functioning European migration policy," said Horst Seehofer. "The events in Moria have most recently made this very clear. And we should all realise one thing - migration policy will determine Europe’s fate. A genuinely new start is urgently needed. We now have a great opportunity to show the world that Europe stands united on this difficult issue."

The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers must approve the Commission’s proposals. In the Council, the German government can push ahead with plans until the end of the year, as it currently holds the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union.