Basic pension payments begin

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Basic pension Basic pension payments begin

From mid-July, pensioners will start receiving basic pension notifications. The notifications will be sent out on a rolling basis.  Those who worked for many years but earned below the average during that time will receive the basic pension. Questions and answers can be found here.

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The following figures appear below the headline, “Tthe basic pension”: “For pensioners who have worked for at least 33 years and earned below the average”, “The basic pension is worth up to €404” and “It is paid automatically”

The first pensioners will receive their basic pension notifications from mid-July.

Photo: Federal Government

What is the basic pension?

People on low pensions have been able to get a supplement to their pensions since 01 January 2021. This supplement is known as the basic pension. In other words, the basic pension is an addition to people’s existing pensions.

Who will receive the basic pension?

Some 1.3 million pensioners will benefit from the basic pension. About 70% of these are women, with people from East Germany accounting for an above-average share.

What requirements must be met?

If you have worked for at least 33 years in employment that was subject to compulsory insurance but with low average earnings, have brought up children and have cared for relatives, then you meet the requirements.

Do I have to apply for the basic pension?

No, no application is required. Deutsche Rentenversicherung will automatically check if you are eligible.

How much is the basic pension worth?

The highest supplement is currently around €418. The average supplement is around €75. You can find information on how the basic pension is calculated here .

When will the basic pension be paid?

The first pensioners will receive their basic pension notifications from mid-July. Deutsche Rentenversicherung will then pay the supplement automatically, either backdated to 01 January 2021 or at the start of retirement.

A total of 26 million pensions are being checked by Deutsche Rentenversicherung. All basic pension notifications are expected to have been sent out by the end of 2022. 

Will my income be taken into account?

An automatic income assessment takes place. Taxable income is the decisive factor. Income from investments and foreign sources are also included in the calculation. Where a pensioner has an income of up to €1,250 (€1,950 for couples), the supplements will be paid in full. If the income is above this level, deductions will be made.  

Further information is available from The Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs  and Deutsche Rentenversicherung .