No basis for new assistance programme, says Steffen Seibert

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The German government has noted the vote of the Greek people and respects it, said government spokesperson Steffen Seibert. The result of the referendum is a rejection of the fundamental principle on which European assistance is based, the principle according to which solidarity and responsibility are inseparably linked. The German government still affirms its commitment to this principle, although it is of course ready to talk. "The door will always be open for talks," said Steffen Seibert.

Greek government must make the next move

Responding to speculation about a "Grexit" Steffen Seibert said, "Greece is a member of the euro zone." It is, however, up to the Greek government to act such that this can remain the case. It now depends "what proposals the Greek government lays on the table".

Now Germany will await the special meeting of the Eurogroup heads of state and government that has been called for Tuesday in Brussels. This evening Chancellor Angela Merkel will be discussing the new situation with French President François Hollande in Paris.

No question of trimming debt

According to the Federal Ministry of Finance there is still no question of any trimming of Greek’s debt. Germany’s position has not changed at all, said Martin Jäger, spokesperson of the Federal Finance Ministry. He pointed out that according to the currently valid ESM agreement, a multi-step procedure will be required for any new assistance programme for Greece. The German Bundestag will also have to approve this.

Assistance for the Greek people

Steffen Seibert promised German support for the Greek people. Germany will be exploring ways of helping the Greeks, he said.