Concern at North Korea's latest provocation

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Another missile test Concern at North Korea's latest provocation

The German government strongly condemns North Korea’s latest missile test. "We share the major concern expressed in Japan at North Korea’s actions," said deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer in Berlin.

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In spite of valid UN Security Council resolutions, North Korea fired a missile over Northern Japan towards the Pacific on Tuesday (29 August). This is a sign that the North Korean leadership intends to continue its irresponsible policy of provocation and destabilisation in the region, said deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer at the government press conference.

UN Security Council talks of threat to all member states

With its unlawful missile and nuclear tests and its aggressive rhetoric, Pyongyang bears the responsibility for tensions in the region, Ulrike Demmer continued. The German government thus also welcomes the statement issued by the United Nations Security Council.

At a three-hour-long urgent meeting held during the night, the Security Council unanimously condemned North Korea’s actions, which, it said, were a threat not only to the region but to all UN member states. North Korea must respect the resolutions of the UN Security Council, abandon its nuclear and missile programme, and end its "provocations".

Sigmar Gabriel expresses full solidarity with Japan

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel also condemned this latest North Korean missile test. He expressed his shock at "how brazenly" North Korea is violating UN Security Council resolutions and thus international law, putting the peace and security of people in its immediate neighbourhood recklessly at risk, he announced on Tuesday. "In view of this threat, we share the anxiety of the government and people of Japan, and we assure them of our full solidarity."

On Tuesday Sigmar Gabriel discussed the tense situation in North Korea with his US counterpart Rex Tillerson in Washington. North Korea, he said, has still not understood that the international community is in full agreement – the missile tests and the nuclear programme must stop.