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Grafik mit dem Titel: Der Einsatz für Verkehrssicherheit lohnt sich! Zahl der Verkehrstoten auf niedrigstem Stand (More information available below the photo under ‚detailed description‘.)

The new Road Safety Programme of the Federal Government sets out the guidelines for road safety policy until 2030.

The graphic is titled: "The commitment to road safety is worth it! Number of road deaths at lowest ever level". The following is a line diagram showing the number of road deaths over time. Starting in 1970 with 19,193 deaths, the curve falls in a slightly zigzag manner to 2,719 deaths in 2020. Source: Federal Statistical Office Below is the following: "And now: "Vision Zero": "No road deaths" as the guiding principle for the new Road Safety Programme 2021-2030: First, harness the potential of automated, autonomous and networked driving. Second, improve

Photo: Bundesregierung