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Cabinet decision Assistance for students and academics

The Corona pandemic is also impacting on many students and academics with limited-term employment contracts. On Wednesday the Cabinet decided on measures to help them.

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Assistance for students and academics

The Cabinet has decided on assistance for students and academics

Photo: Bundesregierung

For academics in the qualification phase leading up to a doctoral degree and in the immediate period thereafter, the maximum length of a limited-term contract will be extended, by the length of time for which the pandemic results in restrictions being imposed on the operating of universities and academic facilities.

Students who are recipients of student loans will be entitled to work during the coronavirus pandemic to supplement their income. This will not be deducted from the assistance available to them under the BAföG student loan scheme.

Adverse impacts to be cushioned unbureaucratically

"The German government intends to cushion the adverse impacts on the pandemic on academics swiftly and unbureaucratically, as well as creating additional incentives for recipients of BAföG student loans," said Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek. The Cabinet launched both new regulations on Wednesday.