What would happen if the EU didn’t exist?

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Why we need the EU What would happen if the EU didn’t exist?

After seventy years of peace, prosperity and open borders, the EU has become such a part of everyday life that we take its benefits for granted. But what would life look like if the European Union didn’t exist?

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Cardboard boxes marked with “Made in European Union” and the EU flag on a conveyor belt.

Over half of German exports go to other EU countries.

Photo: Getty Images/istockphoto/Bet_Noire

Let’s take a look at some different scenarios. What would happen if the EU were not such a strong community? What would happen if every country had to face global challenges alone? It quickly becomes clear that the EU makes it easier for all of us to live happy, peaceful and prosperous lives. 

You can find more information about the Federal Government’s European policies on our Europe page (German).