"We must get the number of new infections down again"

Head of Federal Chancellery concerned about recent rise "We must get the number of new infections down again"

Helge Braun, Head of the Federal Chancellery, has called on everyone in Germany to continue to respect the fundamental rules in order to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of new cases has risen again recently, giving grounds for concern, he said. It is important that travellers returning from high-risk areas fully comply with quarantine regulations.

The photo shows Helge Braun .

"The fact that the number of cases in the last few days has been higher than we have been used to for several weeks does give grounds for concern," said Helge Braun.

Photo: Bundesregierung/Sandra Steins

"We must work to get the numbers down again. We want them as low as possible at the end of the summer." Helge Braun, Head of the Federal Chancellery, expressed his concern about the recent rise in the number of new cases of COVID-19 in Germany. In addition to local outbreaks in meat processing companies, among seasonal workers and in shared accommodation, another phenomenon has emerged over the last few days: smaller outbreaks in family settings, or resulting from leisure activities and returning travellers, he said on Monday.

Germany has weathered the crisis very well so far. "But if we want to get through autumn and winter with the crisis under control, it is absolutely crucial that we act now," explained Helge Braun.

Continued compliance with fundamental rules

"People who fail to respect general contact rules and social distancing in their leisure time or when travelling are not only a risk to themselves," he declared. "Their actions also jeopardise the common good." Everyone in Germany is still required to comply with the essential fundamental rules to prevent the spread of the coronavirus: keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from others, comply with hygiene rules, and keep your mouth and nose covered. Using the Corona-Warn-App is another component in the fight against the pandemic. 

"Full compliance with quarantine regulations"

Anyone now returning from a high-risk area is obliged to quarantine. "Quarantine of this sort can only be waived if individuals take a voluntary COVID-19 test and if they test negative," said Helge Braun. It is "vitally important that everybody in this group complies fully with these quarantine regulations". Helge Braun reported that he is still discussing the introduction of mandatory tests for travellers returning from high-risk areas with Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn and with the individual federal states. It is still too early to take a decision, he said.

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