"We Germans continue to support Ukraine"

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The Federal Chancellor at the EPC Summit "We Germans continue to support Ukraine"

The focus at the latest European Political Community summit was on shared perspectives for a peaceful Europe. One of the central discussion points was the Russian offensive in Ukraine. Federal Chancellor Scholz emphasised the fact that "Germany will be providing a large amount of support for the task ahead both in financial and humanitarian terms as well as with arms deliveries."

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Federal Chancellor Scholz and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky together in Granada.

Federal Chancellor Scholz at the European Political Community Summit in Granada.

Photo: Federal Government/Kügeler

Following the EPC summit in Granada, Spain, the Federal chancellor issued a press statement in which he spoke of the threat posed by Russia, which, he said, was attempting to seize territory from its neighbouring country by force adding that this represented a "danger for the security and peace order throughout Europe".

Because of this, the heads of state and government of the European Political Community EPC addressed the question of how best to support Ukraine in defending its independence and sovereignty. Scholz emphasised the fact that: "After the USA, Germany is providing the most support and we Germans continue to support Ukraine."

Shared perspectives for a peaceful Europe

In addition to the Russian offensive in Ukraine, there are other conflicts that have a major impact in terms of peace and security in Europe. In a meeting with EU Council President Charles Michel, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, Federal Chancellor Scholz "attempted to find ways to ensure and guarantee Armenia's security and independence, and how we might do everything we can to prevent a military escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan".

Prior to the summit, Scholz had also held numerous discussions with the President of Azerbaijan, who did not attend the summit. He was also clear about the fact that he and Macron will support EU Council President Michel in "expediting talks between the two countries in the hope that a lasting peace process might be established maybe even in the coming year."

The participating heads of state and government also expressed concern about the tense situation between Kosovo and Serbia. Scholz was adamant that efforts must be continued to de-escalate the situation with a view to ensuring that the two countries could continue to establish long-term peaceful relations.

The Federal Chancellor will meet again with his 26 counterparts from the European Union in a smaller forum on Friday. Click here for more information on the Informal European Council.

The European Political Community – why is this forum important?
According to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the EPC provides the opportunity for a regular exchange of ideas at the political level that has so far been lacking. following its foundation last year, the member states held their third summit in Granada, Spain on 05 October this year. The purpose of the European Political Community EPC is to promote political dialogue and collaboration in the interests of Europe as a whole.