“Good neighbours, close partners and reliable friends”

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German-Polish intergovernmental consultations “Good neighbours, close partners and reliable friends”

At the end of the 16th German-Polish intergovernmental consultations in Warsaw, Federal Chancellor Scholz highlighted the importance of Germany’s relations with Poland. A joint action plan for even more intense cooperation has been drawn up.

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  • Transcript of press conference
  • Tuesday, 2 July 2024
Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk at a joint press conference.

At the 16th German-Polish intergovernmental consultations, Federal Chancellor Scholz and Poland’s Prime Minister Tusk stressed the close relationship between the two countries.

Photo: Federal Government/Imo

Transcription de la conférence de presse en allemand uniquement

Germany and Poland are strategic partners and allies. At the 16th German-Polish intergovernmental consultations in Warsaw, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk and members of the two governments talked about ways to further strengthen the relationship between the two neighbouring countries in future. “Our responsibility with regard to the past also means that we are responsible for our shared future,” stressed Scholz at the concluding press conference.

The two governments also drew up an action plan with specific initiatives and projects aimed at further boosting cooperation between Poland and Germany.

The key facts in brief:

  • Security and defence: Germany’s and Poland’s security are inseparably linked. The two countries hold a joint leadership role in the Baltic Sea area and for protecting the eastern flank of NATO. This cooperation is to be specifically intensified.
  • Support for Ukraine: Germany and Poland are among Ukraine’s most important supporters in the country’s fight against Russian aggression. Even closer cooperation is key here, both for rebuilding the country and with regard to its path towards joining the European Union.
  • The role of history: 2024 is a special year in German-Polish relations: it marks the 85th anniversary of Germany’s invasion of Poland and the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. Germany is aware of its particular historic responsibility. For example, the Federal Cabinet approved a draft for establishing a German-Polish centre in Berlin as a place of remembrance, intercultural encounter and mutual understanding.
  • Enlargement of the European Union: Germany and Poland are both seeking to realise the vision of an enlarged European Union. This also requires an internal reform process.
  • Business relations: The business sectors of the two countries that are already closely interlinked are to become even more competitive and therefore future-proof.

A transcript of the press conference will be available here shortly