Five important facts about UEFA EURO 2024

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2024 European Football Championships Five important facts about UEFA EURO 2024

The opening match is taking place in Munich and the final in Berlin. 2.7 million fans are expected to watch the games in the stadiums, and millions more at fan fests in the host cities. Key facts about the European Football Championships in Germany.

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A EURO 2024 football on a football pitch.

2024 European Football Championships: the opening match takes place in Munich on 14 June.

Photo: IMAGO/Bildbyran

  1. Germany is playing in the UEFA EURO 2024 opening match in Munich on Friday, 14 June. The Olympic Stadium in Berlin will be the venue of the final on Sunday, 14 July.
  2. As the host country, Germany is automatically qualified to take part in the tournament. This will be the 14th consecutive time (since 1972) that the German national team is taking part in the finals of a European Football Championship. Germany has won three times to date. The other 23 teams to compete in the final rounds were determined in the qualifiers held between March and November 2023, with the remaining playoffs due to be held in March 2024.
  3. The tournament is organised and hosted by UEFA and the DFB. Unlike in the case of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the Federal Government is not involved in organising the tournament but is only providing support – for example by issuing so-called government guarantees. Together with UEFA, the DFB, the Länder and the host cities, the Federal Government is taking UEFA EURO 2024 as an opportunity to demonstrate how a major sporting event can be realised in a sustainable manner. In this context, sustainability is understood to refer to environmental and economic aspects but in particular also to social concerns.
  4. Germany has not hosted a Men's European Football Championship since 1988; so it is hosting the tournament for the first time since reunification. Matches will be held in Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart.
  5. By providing government guarantees, the Federal Government warrants that the general conditions for hosting the major sporting event as stipulated by UEFA are met. Within the permitted legal framework, a total of 18 guarantee and support letters were submitted by the federal ministries in charge, for example relating to the areas of security, legal protection, visas and work permits.