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Federal Chancellor Scholz at the Federal Press Conference “No one will be left behind”

At his first summer press conference in his role as Federal Chancellor, Olaf Scholz spoke about the war in Ukraine, rising prices and the energy supply. He also highlighted the Federal Government’s determination to continue to provide relief for people in Germany. “We will do everything to ensure that citizens will make it through this challenging time.”

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Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the summer press conference

Attending the Federal Press Conference: Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz continued the tradition of answering questions from the capital’s media in the summer.

Photo: Federal Government/Denzel

The war in Ukraine, rising energy prices, support for citizens: at the traditional summer press conference held in Berlin, Federal Chancellor Scholz spoke about various topics that affect people in Germany these days. 

The war in Ukraine and its consequences

The Federal Chancellor said that “the terrible war that Russia has started against Ukraine” was the greatest challenge, as it required far-reaching decisions, for example concerning the delivery of arms to Ukraine. He continued to point out that the Federal Government was also providing financial support to the country, and that the war also had an impact on the development of prices and on the energy supply in Germany. The Federal Government had been preparing intensively for this situation even before the start of the war. Necessary infrastructure was under construction and gas storage facilities were fuller than last year. In addition, the Federal Government had arranged for coal-fired power stations to be ready to resume operations and checks were taking place to determine “whether it is expedient and necessary to continue running the three existing nuclear power plants for a little longer,” Scholz said. However, it would still be necessary to save energy.

Financial relief for citizens

Further relief measures would be introduced in addition to the two previous relief packages that are worth 30 billion euros, Scholz stressed. “The government is determined to do this.” Housing benefits, basic income and tax relief: planning provides for a comprehensive package for all groups of the population. “This is to make sure that nobody will be left behind, nobody will have to face unsolvable problems and nobody will have to carry the burden related to price increases on their own,” said Scholz. He pointed out that this applied to rising energy costs in particular, as this was an issue the welfare state was responsible for. “We will do everything to ensure that citizens will make it through this challenging time,” the Federal Chancellor stressed. He continued: “I would like to summarise it like this: You’ll never walk alone!”

Key reform projects will continue

Federal Chancellor Scholz stressed at the Federal Press Conference that the Federal Government was not losing sight of its other projects either. Industrial and economic modernisation was a key reform goal. “Every wind turbine, every solar plant and every new electricity link that is put into operation will reduce Germany’s dependency on fossil resources that we must import from around the world,” said Scholz. He explained that each of these facilities would make energy more affordable and said: “At the same time, we are taking the required steps to protect the climate – this is our other major task.”