The Federal Armed Forces continue their mission in South Sudan

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FAQs about Mission "Unmiss" The Federal Armed Forces continue their mission in South Sudan

The participation of soldiers of the Federal Armed Forces in the UN mission in South Sudan is to be extended until 31 March 2024. This was approved by the Federal Cabinet. The Bundestag still has to agree to the resolution.

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What did the Federal Cabinet approve?

Germany will continue to participate in the United Nations’ Mission "Unmiss" in the Republic of South Sudan, deploying up to 50 soldiers. The deployment has been extended until 31 March 2024.

What is the goal of the mission?

The aim of the mission, which was approved by the UN Security Council, is to protect civilians and support the implementation of the 2018 peace agreement and the peace process. The successful implementation of this mandate continues to be essential to the stabilisation and long-term peaceful development of South Sudan and its long-suffering civilian population.

How is Germany contributing?

The Federal Armed Forces personnel will be deployed in the mission headquarters where they will act as advisory, liaison, and observation officers. In addition, German personnel can, if necessary, provide temporary support for the initial and advanced training of United Nations personnel.

Why is the extension necessary?

South Sudan continues to rely on the extensive support of the international community. Although major progress has been made, including the reconstitution of parliament and filling many political offices at the state level, security challenges remain.

Violations of the ceasefire agreement and the use of violence continue to occur. The people who are suffering are the population as well as UN staff and members of aid organisations. This repeatedly violates human rights on the ground and hinders the peace process.

The Federal Government is helping with the stabilisation in South Sudan and the wider region. Germany's involvement in "Unmiss" is one of many long-term efforts towards sustainable conflict management and peacebuilding, which are based on the African "Crisis Prevention, Conflict Management, and Peacebuilding" guidelines.

What development collaboration aid is Germany providing?

Through its participation in "Unmiss", the Federal Government is taking an integrated approach to the provision of crisis support to the South Sudanese population: in addition to extensive humanitarian aid, German development collaboration measures are focused on securing livelihoods in the food security, water, and sanitation sectors. Crisis management assistance is also being provided. Germany’s approach is focused primarily on vulnerable population groups such as women, children, internally displaced persons and refugees.

South Sudan continues to be affected by one of the world's most acute humanitarian crises. Of a population of around twelve million, about 9.4 million people currently rely on humanitarian aid. Roughly 2.2 million people are thought to have been internally displaced and another 2.3 million have fled to neighbouring countries.

For further information, see the Federal Armed Forces website: The Federal Armed Forces in South Sudan – UNMISS