Federal Armed Forces end administrative aid mission

Flood disaster Federal Armed Forces end administrative aid mission

The Federal Armed Forces have ended their administrative aid mission to deal with the consequences of the flood disaster in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria. More than 2,300 soldiers provided support in the flood-hit areas.

Federal Armed Forces

Since July, several thousand soldiers have been deployed on an administrative aid mission in the flood-hit areas

Photo: Federal Armed Forces / Tom Twardy

“You have supported the flood victims from the very beginning by providing ‘helping hands’ and heavy-duty equipment in the regions affected,” Defence Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer told the soldiers. This Friday marks the end of the Federal Armed Forces’ administrative aid mission in the affected areas –

a task they carried out in addition to ongoing operations abroad and alliance commitments. Handling multiple responsibilities in this way is a sign of the reliability and professionalism of our armed forces: our thanks and appreciation go to the soldiers and civilian staff for this.

Federal Armed Forces continue to provide on-site support

The Federal Armed Forces still have work to do in the coming days and weeks as some soldiers dismantle field camps and transport equipment that is no longer needed, for instance. In addition, mobile teams will continue to be out and about in the region so as to be able to respond unbureaucratically to further requests for administrative aid, wherever it is needed.

More than 180 people lost their lives during the night of 14-15 July. The Federal Armed Forces responded swiftly that night to rescue people from acute danger, and in the weeks that followed they provided support with recovery tanks, helicopters, trucks and ambulances as well as drinking water treatment facilities. Eurofighters were also deployed in order gain a more accurate overall impression of the situation. Numerous temporary bridges were built, too.

Administrative aid – what is it? Administrative aid always involves the provision of support. Currently, the Federal Armed Forces are deployed in response to an official request. This is the only option, since administrative aid always requires a legal basis, as governed by Article 35 of the Basic Law. Such requests usually come from the districts and independent towns or cities – wherever help is needed at a given time. A request can be submitted at federal state level or at district level. To find out more about the deployment of the Federal Armed forces, see here.