Basic income support for Ukrainian refugees

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Access to schemes from 1 June Basic income support for Ukrainian refugees

The Federal Government is allowing registered refugees from Ukraine to switch to the basic income support system at an early stage. As of June, they are to receive comprehensive assistance to secure their livelihood, healthcare and integration. This was approved by the Federal Cabinet.

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Basic income support

Ukrainian refugees arriving in Germany will receive comprehensive assistance through the basic income support system as of the third quarter of this year.

Photo: picture alliance/dpa

Ukrainian refugees will be able to receive basic income support from 1 June this year. The switch from receiving benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act to the basic income support system can go ahead as agreed by the Federal and Länder Governments on 7 April. The Federal Cabinet has adopted draft wording to this effect for the coalition partners in the Bundestag.

Support from a single source

In future, the point of contact for refugees will be the job centre. Here they will receive support from a single source: access to integration and language courses and to the labour market as well as support in organising childcare. The resolution also provides for relief in terms of residence requirements – especially when taking up employment, attending integration courses or pursuing further education programmes.

The prerequisites for receiving benefits are that the persons concerned have applied for residence permits involving entitlement to temporary protection. They must also have been entered in the Central Register of Foreign Nationals and meet the other requirements for receiving basic income support. Subject to the same conditions, anyone signing up for an eligible training programme is to be able to receive benefits under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG). What is more, those who are not in need of assistance are to be allowed to join the statutory health insurance scheme.

It was also decided that the Federal Government would provide two billion euros for the Länder and municipalities in 2022 to help cover the additional costs of taking in refugees from Ukraine.

The help portal “Germany4Ukraine” offers refugees from Ukraine extensive information relating to their stay in Germany. The portal is also accessible through a free app, available for download from the Google and Apple app stores.