Citizen service

Improving satisfaction with vehicle registration

A majority of the contact between citizens and government bodies in Germany occurs not at a federal or state level, but in communities and counties. There are around 45 million cars in Germany. As a result, registration, deregistration and re-registration are among the most common administrative procedures. In many places, vehicle registration offices are the most commonly visited district administration service offices for citizens.

On behalf of the Bavarian Landkreistag (county association), the wirksam regieren project group is working together with three counties in order to improve citizens’ satisfaction with the local vehicle registration office. Based on local data the employees develop service improvements in their teamwithin a structure for organisational learning.

Aim of the project

Improvement of citizen service in order to increase customer satisfaction in vehicle registration offices.


Introduction of regular team meetings in order to develop local service improvements based on regularly collected measurements of satisfaction among citizens. In order to take specific features of the participating registration offices into account, local service improvements are developed. Active participation by the entire registration office team in a participative learning and participative skills development structure is a key element.


Systematic monthly measurements of satisfaction for citizens who have frequented the services in the vehicle registration offices. Satisfaction terminals were placed in the registration offices to this end. The results of these terminal based surveys are provided to the teams on a monthly basis for preparation of the team meetings.

Current status

The pilot project started in July 2017 and runs until November 2017. Findings will be presented in 2018 and made available to other counties.

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