Foreign missions in South Sudan and the Mediterranean extended

Bundeswehr troops engaged in sea surveillance on board a combat support ship

Bundeswehr troops engaged in sea surveillance: Maritime security in the Mediterranean is crucially important to NATO and its member states.

Photo: Bundeswehr/Tom Twardy

In South Sudan, the focus of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) is to protect civilians and support the peace process, because the African state is still seeing violations of the ceasefire agreement and the use of force, frequently in a way that is criminally motivated. Up to 50 Bundeswehr troops are to be deployed to mission command and to operate as advisors, liaison officers and military observers. You will find FAQs on the Bundeswehr mission in South Sudan here (only german).

Operation Sea Guardian, a maritime security mission in the Mediterranean is helping combat terrorism and arms trafficking through sea surveillance. The operation is NATO-led. Vessels throughout the Mediterranean can be hailed and inspected, where there is a suspicion that they might be linked to a terrorist organisation. Up to 280 Bundeswehr troops are involved in Operation Sea Guardian. You will find FAQs on the Bundeswehr mission in the Mediterranean here (only german).