The German government aims to achieve maximum transparency and results monitoring in the implementation of the Climate Action Plan. To this end annual reduction targets are to be established in law for all sectors, and subsequently reviewed.

The German government will precisely review compliance with the climate targets for 2030 and identify progress in the individual sectors on an annual basis. It is to have the support of a council of experts. The legal basis is provided by the Climate Action Act (Klimaschutzgesetz).

Climate targets to be reviewed annually

For monitoring, the emission data gathered and published every year by the German Environment Agency (UBA) are essential. This is where the council of experts is to come in, and within a month common statistics are to be elaborated.

If one sector is failing to meet its targets, the responsible ministry must produce an emergency adjustment programme within three months. On this basis the Climate Cabinet will adjust the Climate Action Programme 2030 to ensure that the targets are met.