Research and development

Research and development

The German government is providing direct support for research and development to help Germany further expand the use of climate-friendly technologies. There is a focus on the options for storing CO2 and manufacturing battery cells A Hydrogen Strategy is also to be drawn up.

Storage and use of CO2

The German government is to promote research and development into the storage of CO2. This could be a solution for emissions that cannot otherwise be avoided. The German government will launch a dialogue with all stakeholder groups.

Strengthening battery cell production in Germany

The German government has earmarked about one billion euros to develop battery cell production. This will result in several production sites in Germany. The overall concept "Forschungsfabrik Batterie" (Research Factory for Batteries) supports capacity and technology development all the way along the battery cell value chain.

The growing role of hydrogen

Hydrogen is pivotal to efforts to make the economy more climate-friendly. By the end of the year the German government will finalise a Hydrogen Strategy.