Brussels donor conference for Syria

Germany gives 1.44 billion euros

At this year’s Brussels donor conference on Syria, Germany has pledged a total of 1.44 billion euros. Of this sum, 500 million euros is earmarked for humanitarian aid and 940 million euros for development cooperation. In view of the humanitarian disaster in Syria, the financial assistance has once again been raised by 440 million euros, as compared to 2018.

Lots of people around a round table in a large conference room

Germany has once again increased its financial assistance for Syria by 440 million euros

Photo: European Union 2019

Syrian civil war enters its ninth year

At the government press conference, federal government spokesperson Steffen Seibert pointed out that the civil war in Syria is now entering its ninth year. It must now be presumed that several hundred thousand lives have been lost. The neighbouring countries and their societies have also been massively affected. The development prospects they would have had in times of peace have been compromised, their resources stretched beyond all measure.

Establishment of a constitutional committee

Steffen Seibert said, "The international community must not let up in its efforts to end the conflict. It is crucially important that the political process is supported and continued. This requires the political will on the part of all stakeholders." An important first step would be to establish a constitutional committee. UN-brokered talks have been ongoing for a good year to decide on the composition of this committee.