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EU investment made transparent

Many small and medium businesses need support. And the EU can help. In Germany alone, more than 100,000 companies have received capital from Brussels. A new interactive map shows where the money has gone and how many jobs have been generated.

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You have a good business idea but need funding? Europe can help!

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They develop systems to enable cars to automatically call the emergency services in case of accidents, they conduct research into new lactose products for medicine and help clients put together a new wardrobe – small and medium businesses drive European innovation. But some companies need start-up funding to enable them to take the first steps or to expand.

The success story of the European Investment Fund

Thanks to the financing programme of the European Commission and the European Investment Fund, more than one million businesses have become successful. Almost 5 millions jobs have been created by these businesses. In Germany alone, more than 100,000 businesses have obtained vital funding since 1991, allowing them to create more than 285,000 jobs.

The Luxembourg-based European Investment Fund (EIF) belongs to the European Investment Bank, the European Commission and various banks and institutions. Its job is to provide small and medium businesses with risk capital and guarantees. To do so, it works through other institutions, including banks. The Fund’s initial capital was two billion euros.

Check out the location

A new interactive map now shows exactly where the funds have gone. The exciting presentation illustrates the success stories Europeans owe to this investment promotion. The maps also provides an overview of the figures for Germany’s individual federal states. Leading the list are North Rhine Westphalia, Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Berlin-Brandenburg. You can see not only the region, but the number of jobs generated by the funding.

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