White helmets against Ebola

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Chancellor's proposals for crisis management White helmets against Ebola

With a six-point plan the German government aims to help better master international health emergencies. A pool of doctors and medical staff should be established, for instance, for flexible deployment. Chancellor Angela Merkel presented the initiative at the pledging conference of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance.

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The initiative she presented embraces the following six points:

  • Establish a pool of doctors and medical staff (white helmets), to be mobilised swiftly and deployed in areas suffering health emergencies.
  • Provide more medical equipment (including field hospitals, mobile laboratories, protective clothing), that can be transported more rapidly to areas suffering crises.
  • Establish a fund to provide swift financial aid.
  • Adjust the organisational structure of the United Nations to bring it into line with the global challenges posed by epidemics.
  • Strengthen the primary health care system in states at special risk.
  • Put in place additional incentives to foster research and the production of drugs and vaccines against neglected diseases.

The Chancellor’s initiative draws conclusions from the fight against the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. The project is in line with the priorities of Germany’s G7 Presidency as agreed with its partners. Germany is thus underlining its commitment to the United Nations and its willingness to accept more responsibility. Civilian crisis prevention and crisis management are important concerns of Germany within the United Nations.