THE COURAGE TO BE FREE, Party at the Brandenburg Gate on 9 November 2014

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(as at 14 October 2014, changes possible)

as of 12 noon
Public rehearsal of the Staatskapelle with Daniel Barenboim
as of 14:00 Opening of the afternoon programme. Taking you through the afternoon Shary Reeves and Erkan Arikan; interview with the Plauener Gruppe
ca. 15:00 OTTO NORMAL (this year the band became official youth ambassador with its "Musik macht Schule" project, which offers workshops for children and young people with disabilities)
ca. 15:30 Breakdance
ca. 15:45Mine, German folk music with hip hop, jazz and electronic influences
ca. 16:15 "Der Duft des Westens" (The smell of the West), film and interview with directors Mark Huff and Arne Breusing
ca. 16:30 Beat’n Blow, Berlin beat combo
ca. 16:55 Clueso
18:00 Musical opening of the evening programme, commemoration of the victims who lost their lives at the Berlin Wall
18:05 Peter Gabriel with the orchestral version of "Heroes"
18:10 Word of welcome by Jan Josef Liefers, who will take us through the evening
ca. 18:15 Talk with civil rights activists and a look back at the time before the Berlin Wall was built and at the GDR era; appearance of Silly and the 200-strong Bürgerchor (Berliner Figuralchor, Cantores minores, Karl-Forster-Chor)
ca. 18:45Clueso and DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER perform to mark the 25th anniversary of German reunification
ca. 19:15 Official opening of the border of lights "Balloons of freedom" with Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin
ca. 19:20 Staatskapelle with Daniel Barenboim - Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (Fourth Movement)
as of 19:50 Udo Lindenberg
as of 20:30 Paul Kalkbrenner