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Regional elections in Catalonia Overcome current divide

Following the regional elections, the federal government hopes that “we will be able to overcome Catalonia’s current divide and use Spain’s entire political power to form a joint future.” All opportunities for de-escalation must be used, said deputy government spokesperson Demmer.

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The regional elections are a consequence of “known developments, especially the one-sided declaration of independence by the Catalan government”, explained deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer on Friday. As a result of the elections, the separatists will again occupy a majority of the seats in the Catalan regional government.

Now it will be down to the elected representatives to form a government, said Demmer in the government press conference. “We hope that we will be able to overcome the current divide in Catalonia’s society and use Spain’s entire political power to form a joint future.” In doing so, each government will have to act on the basis of the rule of law and the Spanish constitution.

Demmer emphasized: “From the federal government’s perspective, it is also important to achieve reconciliation within the Spanish society, in the interests of everyone in Spain and within the country’s legal and constitutional systems.” The federal government is relying on all players in Spain pursuing this goal and that all opportunities to talk and to de-escalate the situation will be used.