Acting together Measures taken by the German government to stem the COVID-19 pandemic

The paper listing the most important measures taken to date by the German government and the German Bundestag to contain the pandemic is 22 pages long. The swift and smooth cooperation is unique in post-war German history. Here is an overview.

The photo shows test tubes in a lab.

Testing capacities have been steadily expanded to minimise the risk that an outbreak will remain undetected

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The coronavirus pandemic and the measures adopted by the German government and the German Bundestag affect almost every aspect of life. It is thus very important for the German government not to lose sight of any of the affected individuals if at all possible.

You will find the paper here:

The actions of the German government pursue three goals:

  1. To protect the health of the people and ensure the health system can operate effectively
  2. To cushion the impacts on the people, the workforce and private companies
  3. To master the pandemic through international cooperation.

The measures adopted are reviewed regularly by the German government and the individual federal states, to ensure that they are still necessary and proportionate, or to see where they need to be adapted. When considering this, the parties carefully weigh up what steps effectively prevent the spread of the virus on the one hand and the social and economic costs of each on the other.