We will uphold our open, tolerant lifestyle says Angela Merkel

Massacre in Orlando We will uphold our open, tolerant lifestyle says Angela Merkel

In the aftermath of the attack on a nightclub in Orlando, which left 50 people dead, Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed her shock. Speaking on the margins of the Sino-German government consultations, she expressed her sympathy for the families and friends of victims, for those injured in the attack, and for President Obama.

"Our hearts are heavy," said Chancellor Angela Merkel in Beijing, where she is attending Sino-German government consultations. She added that she was deeply saddened by the fact that the hatred and wickedness of one person had cost more than 50 people their lives. "Our thoughts are with their families and friends, with the many who were injured, and also with the numerous people who helped in these hours of need, donating blood and helping the injured."

Angela Merkel continued, "We are absolutely determined, although murderous attacks of this sort cause us such grief, to uphold our open, tolerant lifestyle." She will be extending her condolences and sympathy to the American President in the name of the people of Germany, said the Chancellor.

On Sunday 12 June an attack on a nightclub in Orlando, Florida left at least 50 dead and more than 50 injured. It was the most horrific killing perpetrated by a lone gunman in the history of the USA.