German government to compensate Thomas Cook customers

Head office of Thomas Cook in Oberursel

Many purchasers of package deals fear for their money after Thomas Cook declared bankruptcy

Photo: imago images/Jan Eifert

The German government intends to make good damage that is not otherwise compensated. This is a sign for consumer protection and aims to prevent countless lawsuits.

Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht said, "Customers rightly believed that the risk coverage certificate covered them against any bankruptcy on the part of the travel company. They could not have foreseen that the total insurance cover would be inadequate."

There is still a great deal that is unclear about the claims of customers. This is why the government did not want to leave customers, travellers "alone in this uncertain situation, we don’t want to leave them standing in the rain, but rather we, the government want to stand up for these claims and enforce them," said Christine Lambrecht.

Currently customers do not need to do anything. The German government will inform them about the next steps at the start of 2020.