THE COURAGE TO BE FREE, Party at the Brandenburg Gate on 9 November 2014

Programme THE COURAGE TO BE FREE, Party at the Brandenburg Gate on 9 November 2014

At the Brandenburg Gate a rich and varied programme covering every aspect of the fall of the Berlin Wall awaits you. The programme includes music, discussion and videos.

(as at 14 October 2014, changes possible)

as of 12 noon
Public rehearsal of the Staatskapelle with Daniel Barenboim
as of 14:00 Opening of the afternoon programme. Taking you through the afternoon Shary Reeves and Erkan Arikan; interview with the Plauener Gruppe
ca. 15:00 OTTO NORMAL (this year the band became official youth ambassador with its "Musik macht Schule" project, which offers workshops for children and young people with disabilities)
ca. 15:30 Breakdance
ca. 15:45Mine, German folk music with hip hop, jazz and electronic influences
ca. 16:15 "Der Duft des Westens" (The smell of the West), film and interview with directors Mark Huff and Arne Breusing
ca. 16:30 Beat’n Blow, Berlin beat combo
ca. 16:55 Clueso
18:00 Musical opening of the evening programme, commemoration of the victims who lost their lives at the Berlin Wall
18:05 Peter Gabriel with the orchestral version of "Heroes"
18:10 Word of welcome by Jan Josef Liefers, who will take us through the evening
ca. 18:15 Talk with civil rights activists and a look back at the time before the Berlin Wall was built and at the GDR era; appearance of Silly and the 200-strong Bürgerchor (Berliner Figuralchor, Cantores minores, Karl-Forster-Chor)
ca. 18:45Clueso and DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER perform to mark the 25th anniversary of German reunification
ca. 19:15 Official opening of the border of lights "Balloons of freedom" with Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin
ca. 19:20 Staatskapelle with Daniel Barenboim - Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (Fourth Movement)
as of 19:50 Udo Lindenberg
as of 20:30 Paul Kalkbrenner