Federal Government eases the burden on students

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Federal Training Assistance Act reforms and subsidies Federal Government eases the burden on students

Increased funding under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG), an energy price lump sum, heating subsidies and a one-off payment to all students. In the face of rising prices, the Federal Government is easing the financial burden on students and recipients of BAföG funding: a summary of the measures.

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Students have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic in recent years. Now rising costs are a particular burden on people with low or no income at all, which includes students. In response, the Federal Government has put wide-ranging measures in place to support them.

BAföG reforms: The Federal Government has initiated reforms to BAföG which came into force on 1 August 2022. Thanks to these, students and school pupils have been able to benefit from significantly improved services during this winter semester. The reforms have delivered the following improvements:

  • The upper threshold for funding has risen from 861 euros to 934 euros.
  • At the same time, the age limit for those entering training has been raised to 45
  • The allowance for parental income for recipients of BAföG funding has been increased by 20.75 percent.
  • The housing supplement has been increased from 325 euros to 360 euros.

The Federal Government has also implemented a BAföG emergency mechanism to provide swift and targeted support to students and school pupils during future crises.
Read more in the FAQs about BAföG reforms.

Heating cost subsidies: The Federal Government has approved two heating cost subsidies in response to rising energy prices. The first heating cost subsidy applies to students and apprentices who receive BAföG and do not live with their parents. These have already received a one-off lump sum of 230 euros. The second heating costs subsidy applies to students and apprentices who receive BAföG and is worth 345 euros. Distribution of these started in January 2023, with specific timetables depending on the Land concerned. Read more in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research FAQs about heating cost subsidies.

One-off payment: In addition to this, students at universities and vocational colleges will receive a one-off payment of 200 euros. The Federal and Länder Governments have jointly developed a digital platform through which students can apply for the payment. Applications can be submitted immediately. 

Energy price lump sum: Furthermore, all those in employment who are liable for income tax are receiving a one-off energy price lump sum worth 300 euros. This means that those who are working while studying, such as students who have part-time jobs, will receive the energy price lump sum. Payments were made through employers in September 2022.

The Federal Government has put together three relief packages. Together they are worth over 95 billion euros. The aim is to provide better support for members of the public at this time and to secure jobs. An overview of all measures.