Provocation for the international community

Angela Merkel on North Korean missile test Provocation for the international community

Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned North Korea’s latest missile test in the strongest possible terms. It is more important than ever to stand together in the face of the threat to international security posed by Pyongyang tweeted federal government spokesperson Steffen Seibert.

After a break of more than two months, North Korea tested another long-range missile on Wednesday morning. Only hours later Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is currently attending the EU-Africa summit in Abidjan, condemned the latest test in the strongest possible terms.

A threat for the entire region

At the government press conference on Wednesday morning, deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer added that the regime in Pyongyang had once again demonstrated that it is a threat to the stability of the entire region. "I would like to stress that Pyongyang bears the sole responsibility for the escalation we have seen over the last few months," she said.

It is not about a conflict between North Korea and the USA, as Pyongyang would have us believe. "Every test, whether involving ballistic missiles or nuclear weapons, is a violation of the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council." The recurrent violations of international law are a provocation for the international community, declared Ulrike Demmer.

Sigmar Gabriel demands immediate end to missile tests

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel also spoke of another breach of international law by North Korea. The reckless actions of North Korea represent an enormous threat to international security. "We, the global community, must stand together resolutely and unequivocally in the face of this threat."

He urged North Korea to comply with all existing United Nations Security Council resolutions. All activities relating to its unlawful missile and nuclear programme must be ended immediately. The North Korean ambassador is to be summoned to the Federal Foreign Office on Wednesday.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, North Korea again conducted a missile test in flagrant breach of international law. Initial indications point to an intercontinental missile, which was fired from Pyongsong, in the immediate vicinity of the capital Pyongyang. It flew some 1,000 kilometres over North Korean territory and landed in the sea in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.