An example of how attractive Germany is for artificial intelligence companies

Chancellor pays a virtual visit to Cyber Valley An example of how attractive Germany is for artificial intelligence companies

It is Europe’s largest research consortium in the field of artificial intelligence – Cyber Valley in the south German town of Tübingen combines a strong research landscape with innovative businesses. In a video conference, Chancellor Angela Merkel has found out about the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) research, and how the results are transferred to industry.

Chancellor pays a virtual visit to Cyber Valley

Chancellor pays a virtual visit to Cyber Valley

Photo: Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung

Chancellor Angela Merkel took a virtual stroll through the development labs and gained insights into the status of AI research. Cyber Valley is exemplary evidence that Germany is an attractive location for artificial intelligence, said the Chancellor. A discussion with scientists and businesses focused on how the results of research can be best transferred to industry.

AI is one of the key technologies of the future

The German government sees artificial intelligence as one of the most important key technologies. The goal is for Germany to be a leader in AI research and application. Innovative applications and business models that bear the "made in Germany" stamp can go a long way to underpinning Germany’s competitiveness in future too. In many aspects of artificial intelligence, Germany is already in an excellent position.

With the Artificial Intelligence Strategy adopted in November 2018, the German government wants to make Germany one of the world’s leading centres of artificial intelligence. In the future package adopted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the German government decided to top up its investment in artificial intelligence from three billion euros to five billion euros by 2025.

Research and business closely dovetailed

Excellent research and teaching, attractive general conditions and the most modern AI and computer infrastructure are to further strengthen Germany’s hand as an international AI centre. Cyber Valley in the greater Tübingen-Stuttgart area demonstrates what that looks like in reality.

Cyber Valley is Europe’s largest research consortium in the field of artificial intelligence, with partners from the science and research sector and from the business. The state of Baden-Württemberg, the Max Planck Society with the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and a number of private businesses, from start-ups to renowned international companies, call the region their home.

The spectrum of research in the fields of machine learning, computer vision and robotics is wide. It stretches from novel numerical algorithms, designed to make learning machines faster and more reliable, to intelligent software for self-driving cars and traffic control systems, to soft robots whose design is based on nature. Medical applications too are very important.